About Colors & Grays

My name is Mark John and Colors & Grays is my web-presence. - My goal as a photographer is to make a small contribution on documenting the world as we can see and experience it in our time. A particular joy is when I can combine my passions for music and photography in documenting live jazz events. The great American photographer Joel Meyerowitz wrote: "street photography is jazz". I would add that photographing jazz has a lot in common with street photography, you need to be ready, anticipate and wait for the magic to happen. Street photography in itself is an art considering the works of e.g. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz, Garry Winogrand, Alex Webb or Dorothea Lange, to name just a few of the greats. They capture(d) the decisive and emotive moments happening in our beautiful, fragile, funny and sometimes hostile world in great compositions and their images - as well as those of jazz photography masters such as Jim Marshall, Dennis Stock or William Claxton - are thus not only pieces of art but also unique "snap" documents of time and society.

With these and others as inspirations, I like to take emotive images of things and people which show the beauty of the world, sometimes simple, sometimes disturbing, sometimes unexpected, sometimes uncovering, perhaps funny, perhaps sometimes slightly out of focus, showing reality or abstracted reality, often transient and only existing for a moment in time. 

Photographs can be found via different tabs on the left.

  • The "Blog" page lists short stories or documentaries such as music events (in particular jazz).

  • The "Featured Work" tab displays a cross-selection of what is available, maybe considered my personal best.

  • "Abstractions", "Decisive Moments" and "Jazz" display a few special images in these categories.

  • Under the "Themed" tab, selected photos are organized into themes, such as landscapes or street photography.

On Colors & Grays there is no feature to leave comments with individual images but if you want to, you can send me a comment or question by email, feedback is always much appreciated! 

You might wonder about the name of  this website, well, picking one was a fun challenge. People usually either use their own name or make up something. When I reflected what I like to shoot, I knew that I often prefer black and white, which is different shades of gray. But sometimes, I like my photos in color. From here I felt that the term "Colors & Grays" best represents my photographic philosophy. 

The vast majority of the photos shown on this website were taken with Leica cameras and lenses which I have been using for the past 30+ years. Not that a Leica makes anybody a better photographer, but they are great tools with a lot of mojo.

Usually I do not do contract projects since my main job is in the biopharmaceutical industry. But I am particularly interested in music or art events and might have time to sneak something in. For any question or copyright inquiry, send me an email to mark (at) colorsandgrays.com. 

With that I hope you will enjoy Colors & Grays.

Have a great day - Mark

PS: The red and gray Colors & Grays logo on the sidebar is trademarked, I own the copyright to all images on this website (unless otherwise indicated), whether or not they contain a watermark.