This link collection is a digest of my personal favourites and more or less related to Colors & Grays. Photography:

There are tons, probably millions of photography resources on the internet and in no way do I want to provide a representative overview. Below are a few links however which I consult more frequently.

  • Thorsten Overgaard runs a comprehensive website on all things contemporary Leica. There are great educational pages on the latest digital rangefinders such as the M9, M240 or Q, lenses etc. If you are into Leica, then you'll bookmark his homepage sooner or later.

  • The Leica Forum is an incredibly helpful forum to pose any kind of questions or help others find answers.

  • Erwin Puts is another authority in the Leica world. He has published several books about the history of Leica and about characteristics of lenses and cameras. All of them are still available as ebooks and he continues to add volumens.

  • The Leica Store San Francisco is my favourite Leica store and definitely worth a visit. Not only do they have what you expect they would have, but also a great collection of books, accessories and, importantly, they run outstanding exhibits and workshops.



A well designed photo blog by a close friend:

A wonderful B&B in the Altenjo - Region of Portugal, run by friends: